Take Five: My favorite DockerCon LIVE 2020 talks

Tomorrow the first virtual DockerCon is going to happen. As a former Docker Captain I'm really excited about the event. Of course I'll start my day a bit later as DockerCon starts at 6PM my time. I went through the DockerCon agenda and found a few highlights I want to attend and want to recommend to you.

1. How to Create PHP Development Environments with Docker Compose

I know Erika Heidi @erikaheidi back from Vagrant and her book. That's why I'm excited to see how she uses Docker Compose for PHP development.

2. Best Practices for Compose-managed Python Applications

And there is another interesting session about Docker Compose for local development. Anca Lordache from Docker shows best practices for Python. But I guess you can use the same practices for other language stacks as well.

3. Hands-on Helm

I'm interested in how people deploy their applications in Kubernetes. Helm is the defacto package manager. Jessica Deen @jldeen from Microsoft gives you an overview in Hands-on Helm and shows how you can update to Helm 3.

4. Delivering Desktop Apps in Containers

What? That sounds interesting and I expect a fascinating talk how to do that, because containers are normally for backend and non GUI applications. Blaize Stewart @theonemule, a Mircosoft MVP, is showing the details how to run GUI applications in containers.

5. Docker Desktop + WSL 2 Integration Deep Dive

Simon Ferquel @sferquel from Docker does a deep dive into the new WSL 2 backend, how it works, and how to get the most out of Docker Desktop on Windows. If you want to see how Docker Desktop works that's a session for you.

And there are many more excellent sessions. If you are new to Docker, we have you covered, Peter McKee gives you an introduction how you get started. Looking into Windows Containers? Elton Stoneman's talk will be your favorite.

Captains on Deck

I will also hang around with the Docker Captains in the chat. It is always inspiring what Captains do and they can answer your questions in parallel to the other sessions. Join Bret Fisher and many other Captains for an entertaining chat and win some prizes.

Call for action

Just register to attend DockerCon and pick your favorite session from the agenda.

See you at #DockerCon !!


Stefan Scherer

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